C-Card has changed!

Based on young people’s feedback the C-Card scheme has been improved to make it easier for young people to get free condoms in Brighton & Hove.

Click here for a list of places that you can get a C-Card or pick up free condoms.

What is C-Card?

Condoms are the only way to protect you and your partner against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The C-Card scheme is designed for you – to make getting free condoms easy and hassle free.

The C-Card scheme means that you can sign up to get a free card which lets you get free condoms accross the city.

Getting a C-Card doesn't mean that you have to have sex - and just because someone has a C-Card doesn't mean that they are having sex either! It is about getting clued up on safer sex and how to look after yourself for when you are ready - whenever that is.

How it all works:

The first time you get a C-Card you will need to have a quick chat with a trained professional. They will show you how to use condoms using a demonstrator and tell you about services that you might need (like contraception clinics or STI screening and where to get more free condoms). This won’t take long and is a great time to ask any questions you might have about sex and relationships or using condoms.

New C-Cards won’t have your name on them – to help keep things confidential. You will be asked for your date of birth and gender. This won’t be used to identify you in any way – it is just to track how well the scheme is being used by young people so that we can keep making it better for you.

Once you have your C-Card, you can then access free condoms from any pick up point in the city, whenever you like, by showing your C-Card – no questions asked! They will sign your C-Card and give you a pack of condoms. If there is a particular type of condom you would like – just ask!

After 8 visits, you will need to get a new C-Card. If you are under 16, you will need to have another quick check-in with a professional to make sure everything is going ok. If you are over 16, you will be offered a check-in but can just have a new C-Card if you would prefer.

You can have as many C-Cards as you want. You can sign up for a C-Card at Morley Street CASH Clinic, SWAG at YAC and Claude Nicol and any youth centres in Brighton & Hove. You can find all C-Card sites listed here on swish and they are available on the swish app for iphone.

Full access points

Full Access Points are places where you can sign up for a C-Card. They will have trained staff who can have a quick chat with you and show you how to use condoms properly. This is also a great to chance to ask any questions that you may have. This chat should be private and confidential, but if you want to go with a friend - that's fine too. Full Access Points are any youth services, any contraception and sexual health services and some GP drop-ins. For a full list you can visit here.

Pick-up points

Pick up Points are places that you can get free condoms from, once you have got your C-Card. They cannot give you a C-Card or sign you up if you don't have one, but can tell you where to get a C-Card and give you a few condoms if you need them straight away. Pick up Points include some pharmacies and some young people's services. For a full list visit here.

Closed access points

Closed Access Points only give out C-Card and condoms to their own clients or students. This means that you cannot go to these services unless you are already linked up with them. This includes School Health drop-ins, college Sexual Health drop-ins and some services working with young people such as RU:OK? and the Youth Offending Service.

Please feel free to contact us at swish@brighton-hove.gov.uk with your questions or comments.

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