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The SWISH App is here!

Want information on the go?
Need to know where you can pick up free condoms?
Want to give feedback on the services that you use?
Need a reminder to take your pill on time?

The SWISH app for iPhone lets you do all this and more. Click here to visit the app store and download your FREE app or search for "SWISH" in the app store now!

Simple tabs direct you to the service that you need, maps using GPS can direct you to the services closest to you, you can make appointments from your iPhone, save reminders in your calendar, use the Pill Tracker to help you remember your contraceptive pills and even rate services to give instant feedback on your experience.

Use the app to...

 swish app image 2  Choose which service you need...

 swish app image 3  See where you can go to get those services close to you...  

 swish app image 4  Get the service details and set a reminder for your appointment...and much more!


Please feel free to contact us at swish@brighton-hove.gov.uk with your questions or comments.

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